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About Kate

Kate is a Children’s Book Author and Illustrator who has a passion for quirky stories, especially when told in rhyme.


Her first ever children’s picture book (written at age 8) was a reinterpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, which promptly landed her in detention for its cheeky nature.


Since then she has focused her talents on bringing a smile to her two sons’ faces, through mischievous characters and vibrant illustrations.


She has a degree in filmmaking and spent several years as a Film Producer (the highlight of her career was spilling an entire tray of drinks in Russell Crowe’s lap before falling butt-first into a fountain).


In 2011, she made the shift to children’s writing and illustration, when she moved to Germany with her Spanish husband. Until recently she lived there with her family, but has now relocated to New Zealand.

Kate Talbot is a children's picture book illustrator creating images for clients within Australia and New Zealand, and across the world.
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